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    Send us the documents

    Once we receive the paperwork from you, we will notify you the time that the paperwork was received into our offices.
    The 48 hours guarantee starts then!

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    We serve the documents

    Once we receive the paperwork and we have checked that all of the details are correct, we will then allocate the documents to our field operatives for immediate serving.

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    We return the documents

    Once we have successfully served the papers we will notify your office and return the original documents

Welcome to 48Hrs Process Serving

At 48hours, our promise is simple, if we do not successfully serve your documents within 48 hours it's FREE.

We provide process serving throughout Ireland on a fixed-fee basis with no set limit to the number of visits made to a property and accordingly our clients avoid any unexpected fee increases once the Process Server's work is undertaken. No additional fees are charged in respect of mileage or out-of-hours serving. Furthermore, our fixed fee applies irrespective of the nature of the documents being served and whether personal service is required or not.

Our Process Servers are highly trained and committed to serving your papers with the utmost integrity and efficiency.

We also provide a full locating service throughout Ireland and Internationally, providing you with the current location of missing individuals.

We are committed to providing an unrivalled level of service to our clients and are only a phone call away should you need our services. Please contact us today on 1800 48 00 48 or email us at office@48hours.ie

*Please take a moment to review our ‘Terms & Conditions’ here

Why Choose 48Hrs?

Description: http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_-64sx017tqA/S84g1Ifq8CI/AAAAAAAADH0/VadLuhv0WKg/s1600/600px-Orange_x.svg.pngNO HOURLY RATES

Description: http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_-64sx017tqA/S84g1Ifq8CI/AAAAAAAADH0/VadLuhv0WKg/s1600/600px-Orange_x.svg.pngNO MILEAGE CHARGES

Description: http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_-64sx017tqA/S84g1Ifq8CI/AAAAAAAADH0/VadLuhv0WKg/s1600/600px-Orange_x.svg.pngNO HIDDEN FEES

Description: http://directlenderloansuk.co.uk/Downloads/tick-orange.pngFIXED FEE SERVICE

Description: http://directlenderloansuk.co.uk/Downloads/tick-orange.png48 HOURS DELIVER OR NO CHARGE

Description: http://directlenderloansuk.co.uk/Downloads/tick-orange.pngANY ADDITIONAL FEES AGREED IN ADVANCE

Description: http://directlenderloansuk.co.uk/Downloads/tick-orange.pngSERVICE OFFERED ACROSS THE 32 COUNTIES OF IRELAND

Description: http://directlenderloansuk.co.uk/Downloads/tick-orange.pngCOLLECTION SERVICE AVAILABLE

Description: http://directlenderloansuk.co.uk/Downloads/tick-orange.png*LOCATING SERVICE AVAILABLE

Description: http://directlenderloansuk.co.uk/Downloads/tick-orange.png*INTERNATIONAL SERVICE AVAILABLE

*Outside the 48 hours promise
Contact 48Hrs on 1800 48 00 48 or you can email us here